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2020-2021 Graduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Graduate Faculty

The University of South Florida recognizes Graduate Faculty and Affiliate Graduate Faculty. Only Graduate Faculty, and Affiliate Graduate Faculty approved for such purposes, may serve as the Instructor of Record for graduate level courses.

Graduate Faculty Definition

Graduate Faculty is defined to consist of all tenure-track or tenured faculty appointed at the Assistant, Associate, or Professor rank, who holds a terminal degree or equivalent in their discipline. Graduate Faculty members are eligible to teach graduate courses and may direct and serve on masters, specialist, and doctoral level committees. To chair a doctoral level committee, a Graduate Faculty member must engage in current and sustained scholarly, creative, or research activities, such as publications, performances, exhibitions, patents, inventions and research grants.

Affiliate Graduate Faculty membership may be granted by the Office of Graduate Studies Dean to individuals who do not meet the University definition of Graduate Faculty, but whose skills or expertise meet criteria established by the College. Affiliate Graduate Faculty membership is in effect for a specified period of time and specific purposes. Affiliate members may be eligible to serve on masters, specialist, and doctoral level committees, to direct master’s and specialist’s level committees, and to co-direct doctoral level committees, at the discretion of the College.

Affiliate Graduate Faculty can only serve as the Instructor of Record when they have a terminal degree in the discipline and are approved to teach graduate courses in that field. Emeritus Professors and retired or recently resigned professors may also be appointed as Affiliate Graduate Faculty with the approval of the College and Office of Graduate Studies Dean. For approval, a current CV and request for approval, including the reason for the request (e.g. serving on a master’s student supervisory committee), is submitted through the Major, the College, and the Office of Graduate Studies. For procedures, contact the Office of Graduate Studies.

Graduate Faculty Approval – Graduate faculty is defined as noted above; Colleges and Departments may have additional requirements. The Office of Graduate Studies will maintain a list of Graduate Faculty along with approval guidelines from the Colleges and Departments.


List of Graduate Faculty


SACSCOC Comprehensive Standard 3.7.1, for specific information and requirements in reference to the teaching of graduate courses.

Also, note, per USF Policy 10-115 – Faculty Credentials for Teaching Undergraduate and Graduate Courses -