May 31, 2023  
2022-2023 Graduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Graduate Catalog

Updates for 2022-2023

USF Graduate Council (GC) and/or the Office of Graduate Studies (GS) approved on the date noted.


Policy/Administration Updates

GC Approved
Reinstatement Policy
Align enrollment requirement with re-admission
Affiliate Member of Graduate Faculty
clarify role term requirement 9/13/2021
English Proficiency Policy added DuoLingo and TOEFL Essentials as options 11/1/2021
Graduate Faculty updated to add “ranked faculty due to changes in USF Health 3/7/2022
Academic Renewal minor edits 3/7/2022
Change of Graduate Major minor edts to align with academic renewal 3/7/22
Academic Dismissal updated language for professional and clinical standards 4/4/2022
Transient & Visiting Students updated language due to procedure changes 4/4/2022
Bachelor’s/Master’s Pathways updatead language to correct procedure statement 4/4/2022
Assistantship Appointments Updated FTE from .75 to .73 4/18/2022
Graduate Faculty (Retired) Clarified when retired faculty may serve on ETD Committee - due to changes by the State 4/25/22**
Major Professor (Retired) Clarified when retired major professors may serve - due to changes by the State 4/25/22**
Admissions Restore paragraph previously deleted in error when policy was updated n/a
Department of Sociology Name Change to Department of Sociology and Interdisciplinary Social Sciences n/a
Admissions English Proficiency Removed references to INTO n/a
*approved by the Graduate Council delegation of authority for summer
**provided by the Office of Graduate Studies



Degree New/Title Changes/Hours Changes/Terminated GC Approved
Cybersecurity  M.S.C.Y.S. New Major Under CIP 11.01013 1/10/2022
Information Assurance and Cybersecurity Management M.S. New Major Under CIP 43.0303 12/6/2021
Rehabilition Counseling and Disability Sciences M.A. New Major Under CIP 51.2310 (Shares with MA in CRMHC) 1/10/2022
Urban Educational Leadership M.A. New Major Under 13.0401 (shares with M.Ed. in Ed Leadership) 4/4/2022
Elementary Education M.A.T. Add Reading Endorsement:  Elementary Ed (ESOL and Reading Endorsements) 2/7/2022
Nurse Anesthesia D.N.P. Change title to Nurse Anesthesiology Under CIP 51.3818 11/1/2021
Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling M.A. Change title to Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling CIP 51.2310 (shares with RCDS) 3/7/2022
Second English Education M.A.T. Add Reading Endorsement: Secondary English Education (ESOL and Reading Endorsements) 2/7/2022
Advertising M.S. Change total minimum hours from 35 to 36 3/7/2022
Mass Communications M.A. Change total minimum hours from 39 to 36 3/7/2022
Public Health Dr.Ph. Change total minimum hours from 43 to 46 2/7/2022
Secondary English Education M.A.T. Change total minimum hours from 52 to 37 4/4/2022
Urban and Community Design M.U.C.D. Change total minimum hours from 45 to 36 3/7/2022
Advanced Athletic Training M.S. Terminated 12/6/2021
Autism Spectrum Disorder and Servere Intellectual Disabilities M.A. Terminated 10/4/2021
Cybersecurity M.S. Terminated 12/6/2021
Information Technology M.S.I.T. Terminated 12/6/2021
Special Education, Gifted M.A. Terminated 10/4/2021

New Concentrations and Title Changes


Degree New Concentrations/Title Changes GC Approved
Biomedical Engineering M.S.B.E. Neuroengineering & Rehabilitation Engineering 3/7/2022
Biomedical Engineering M.S.B.E. Molecular Medicine & Drug Delivery 3/7/2022
Biomedical Engineering M.S.B.E. Biomedical Imaging & BIoelectronics 3/7/2022
Biomedical Engineering M.S.B.E. Cell and Tissue Engineering 3/7/2022
Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling M.A. Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling 3/7/2022
Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling M.A. Clinical Mental Health Counseling 3/7/2022
Nursing M.S.N. Neonatal Nurse Practitioner 3/7/2022
Nursing D.N.P. Neonatal Nurse Practitioner 3/7/2022
Marine Science M.S. Hydrography 4/18/2022
Marine Science Ph.D. Hyrdrography 4/18/2022
Educational Leadership M.Ed. Change Non-Public Or Charter School Leadership to Non-Public, Charter, or Global School Leadership 12/6/2021
Mass Communications M.A. Change Media Studies to Media Literacy and Analytics 3/7/2022
Public Health M.P.H. Change Public Health Education with Health Promotion and Behavior 2/7/2022
Public Health M.S.P.H. Change Public Health Education with Health Promotion and Behavior 2/7/2022

Terminated Concentrations

Degree Terminated Concentrations GC Approved
Accountancy M.Acc. Assurance 12/6/2021
Accountancy M.Acc. Corporate 12/6/2021
Accountancy M.Acc. Forensic Accounting 12/6/2021
Accountancy M.Acc. Tax 12/6/2021
Cybersecurity M.S. Computer Fundamentals 12/6/2021
Cybersecurity M.S. Cyber Intelligence 12/6/2021
Cybersecurity M.S. Digital Forensics 12/6/2021
Cybersecurity M.S. Information Assurance 12/6/2021
Marine Science M.S. Interdisciplinary 4/18/2022
Marine Science Ph.D. Interdisciplinary 4/18/2022
Global Sustainability M.A. Sustainable Energy 3/1/2021

Bachelor’s/Master’s Pathways

Title Degrees Action GC Approved
Biomedical Engineering/Biomedical Engineering BSBE/MSBE Update options for shared courses; remove outdated grade policy 4/4/2022
Chemical Engineering/Biomedical Engineering BSCH/MSBE Update options for shared courses; remove outdated grade policy 4/4/2022
Information Technology MSIT MIST was terminated, which terminated pathway 12/6/2021


Graduate Certificates

Title New/Title Change/Hours Change/Terminated GC Approved
Artificial Intelligence (Effective Spring 2023) New 3/7/2022
Big Data and Learning Analytics New 4/4/2022
Child Advocacy New 4/4/2022
Creativity and Innovation New 4/4/2022
Data Analytics New 4/18/2022
Game Design for Learning New 4/4/2022
Pathway to Computing New 3/7/2022
Semiconductor Technology and Manufacturing (STeM) New 3/7/2022
Florida Digital/Virtual Educator Change title to “Online Teaching and Learning” 2/7/2022
Nanopharmaceutics Change hours from 16 to 12 1/10/2022
Clinical Investigation Terminated 12/6/2021
Cybersecurity Awareness and Education Terminated 12/6/2021
Hospice, Palliative Care and End of Life Studies Terminated 12/6/2021
Intellectual Property Terminated 12/6/2021
Pharmacy Update and Practice Management Terminated 12/6/2021
School Counseling Post-Masters Terminated 12/6/2021
Total Quality Management Terminated 12/6/2021


Priority Admission Deadline Changes

Business Analytics and Information Systems M.S. Add Sumer admission to the BAIS with Feb 15 Deadline  5/20/2022*
Criminology M.A. Change from March 1 to April 1 for Fall and from Sept 30 to Oct 1 for Spring 4/4/2022
Cyber Crime M.S. Change from March 1 to June 1 for Fall and Sept 30 to Oct 15 for Spring 1/10/2022
Educational Leadership Ph.D. Add Spring Deadline: Oct 15 12/6/2021
Educational Program Development Ed.D. Change Spring to “N/A” - becomes fall only 1/10/2022
Exercise Science M.S. Change from June 1 back to Feb 15 for Fall 3/7/2022
Public Health M.P.H. Change Deadline for only the NUD Concentration to Nov 15 for Summer; May 1 for Fall.  All other concentrations are Fall only-May 1 4/4/2022
Public Health M.S.P.H. Change all concentrations to fall only - May 1 4/4/2022
Urban and Regional Planning M.U.R.P. Change from March 1 to Feb 15 for Fall 1/10/2022
Academic Advising  Certificate Add back fall and spring admission (previously only summer open) 7/14/2022
Environmental Science and Policy M.S. Correction - added Spring Admission back in 1/5/2023
Geography M.A. Correction - added Spring Admission back in 1/5/2023
Geography/Environmental Science and Policy Ph.D. Correction - added Spring Admission back in 1/5/2023



Admissions English Proficiency Exemptions Procedure - Changed “And” to “And/or”  - as in “documented on the transcript AND/OR on an official Certificate of Medium” 1/27/2023
Nurse Anesthesiology DNP Course numbers Updated DNP project courses with numbers approved by SCNS 3/13/2023

Questions about these updates may be directed to in the Office of Graduate Studies.