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2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Educational Studies B.S.

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This degree will prepare students to engage in educational settings but not limited to settings such as museums, non-profit organizations, community based organizations and businesses where teaching and training are an integral part of the organization.

All majors will be assigned to a specified sequence of courses to be followed throughout the program enrollment. Coursework will include internships and field experience. Field experiences usually begin during the second semester of student’s enrollment with increasing involvement throughout the program.

Please be advised that degree and/or course requirements are subject to change, per state legislative mandates, Florida State Department of Education program approval standards, and accreditation criteria. The current program of study includes both coursework and extensive field experience in elementary, middle, secondary or other appropriate educational settings to enable students to integrate theory with teaching practice. Students are responsible for providing transportation to their field experience and internship sites. Students who withdraw from or who have unsatisfactory grades in the field experiences or internships must petition the college before they will be allowed to repeat the internships. Students must have an overall USF GPA of 2.5 and a GPA of 2.5 in the combined Professional Core and Teaching Specialization prior to final internship and graduation. Part-time students in Education (those planning to take 9 hours or fewer per semester) must meet program and internship requirements associated with the program. These requirements include being available to participate in the internships during regular school or business hours. Because of state and national accreditation requirements, students who take any of the required professional education core courses or education specialization courses at institutions accredited by either the Higher Learning Commission, the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, the New England Commission of Higher Education, the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges, or the WASC Senior College and University Commission may be required to submit additional assignments to meet graduation requirements for the USF College of Education.

In addition to the courses listed below, students must complete “Preliminary Requirements for Students entering Teacher Education Programs.”

University Admissions

Admission to the University is based on the University’s Undergraduate Admission Requirements that may be found by clicking on the following urls:

Graduation Requirements for the Program

Teacher Education Program College Requirements for Graduation

1. To be certified by the College of Education for graduation, a student must have earned a minimum of 120-semester hours credit.

2. Successful completion of all program requirements for the degree in Educational Studies

3. A minimum overall USF grade-point average of 2.50 or a minimum GPA of 2.50 in teaching specialization courses and a minimum GPA of 2.50 in the Professional Education sequence Satisfactory completion of the final internship.

4. Successful completion of the major requirements of the Educational Studies degree (which includes general preparation, teaching specialization, and professional preparation). A minimum of 8 credits in professional courses in addition to internship and 12 credits in specialization courses must have been earned at USF. A minimum of 30 hours after admittance to a Bachelor’s of Science Educational Studies program and meet all University requirements.

State Mandated Common Course Prerequisites

Students wishing to transfer to USF should complete the A.A. degree at the community college. Some courses required for the major may also meet General Education Requirements thereby transferring maximum hours to the university. If students transfer with fewer than 60 semester hours of acceptable credit, the students must meet the university’s entering freshman requirements including ACT or SAT test scores, GPA, and course requirements.

Transfer students should be aware that by university regulation they are obligated to establish academic residency by completing the equivalent of one academic year (30 semester hours) in “on-campus” courses. All undergraduate transfer students electing Forensic Studies as their major will be required, moreover, to take a minimum of 30 credit hours in major coursework at the University of South Florida. The transfer student should also be aware of the immunization, foreign language, and continuous enrollment policies of the university.

  • EDF X005 Intro. To Education – 3 credit hours

FOR ALL MAJORS: Students are strongly encoruaged to select required lower division electives that will enhance their general education coursework and that will support their intended baccalaureate degree program. Students should consult with an academic advisor in their major degree area.

FOR EDUCATION MAJORS: General education courses will be determined by the community college or university where the student currently is earning the Associate in Arts or baccalaureate degree, and will be published in the institution’s existing catalog and delineated in the Statewide Course Numbering System.


These prerequisites must be met by transfer students as well as USF students. A grade of “C-” is the minimum acceptable grade.

Total Major Hours: 110

Major Requirements (68 credit hours

Program Portfolio Requirements

Students are required to demonstrate their achievement of state standards with portfolio assessment one time during coursework and one time during final internship. Students must reach 80% proficiency on all critical assignments to pass the course. This is indicated in the course syllabi and each submission is evaluated by the course instructor. The entire portfolio process will be introduced during EDG 4012 - Standards Based Education  .

GPA Requirements

An overall minimum GPA of 2.50 on all attempted hours.

Grading Requirements

A grade of C- or better must be earned in all coursework.

Research Opportunities

Undergraduate students in any degree program are able to participate in undergraduate research. Several options exist to show mentored undergraduate research activity on a student’s official transcript. Those who wish to enroll in an undergraduate research course should consult with their academic advisor to understand how the credit will apply towards the degree requirements. If no credit is needed, students may be eligible to enroll in the 0-credit IDS 4914  course. This course will not impact degree credits or GPA but will show on an official transcript and document the experience. The Office of Undergraduate Research is able to assist with further inquiries.

Advising Information

For prospective and current College of Education students with a home campus of Tampa, please select the following link for information about scheduling an  advising appointment:

For prospective and current College of Education students with a home campus of Sarasota-Manatee, please select the following link for information about scheduling an advising appointment:

For prospective and current College of Education students with a home campus of St. Pete, please select the following link for information about scheduling an advising appointment:

4 Year Plan of Study - Educational Studies B.S.


Potential Entry Level Job Titles:

  • Elementary School Teacher
  • High School Teacher
  • Middle School Teacher

Potential Entry Level Salary Range:

  • $45,000 - $47,000

Year 1

Semester 1 (Fall)

Total Credit Hours: 15

Semester 2 (Spring)

Total Credit Hours: 12

Semester 3 (Summer)

Please consider pursing High Impact Practice opportunities this semester such as Education Abroad, Internship Opportunities, Community Engagement, or Research Opportunities.

Questions about opportunities? Schedule an appointment with your academic advisor.

Year 2

Semester 4 (Fall)

Total Credit Hours: 12

Semester 5 (Spring)

Total Credit Hours: 13

Semester 6 (Summer)

Total Credit Hours: 6

Year 3

Semester 7 (Fall)

Total Credit Hours: 13

Semester 9 (Summer)

Total Credit Hours: 4

Year 4

Semester 11 (Spring)

Total Credit Hours: 12

2 Year Plan of Study - Educational Studies B.S.


Year 1

Year 2

Semester 5 (Spring)

Total Credit Hours: 12

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