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2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

General Business Studies B.S.


The General Business Studies major provides students with substantial preparation in core areas of business and prepares them for positions in a business world that is increasingly interdisciplinary and values cross-functional abilities.

Limited Access

Students who transfer to the USF Muma College of Business must meet the following admission guidelines below:

  1. Minimum of 60 semester hours of college credit earned.
  2. Minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5 (applies only to limited access programs) on all college-level work and a minimum of 2.0 on all credit attempted at USF, including any prior to renewal.
  3. Completion all state mandated prerequisite courses with a grade of C- or better in each course and an overall 2.0 GPA in all seven (7) courses. The courses are:
  • Financial Accounting: ACG X021/ACG X022 (or ACG X001 & ACG X011)*
  • Managerial Accounting: ACG X071 (or ACG X301)*
  • Computers in Business: CGS X100 (or acceptable substitute)
  • Principles of Macroeconomics: ECO X013
  • Principles of Microeconomics: ECO X023
  • Elementary Calculus: MAC X233 or MAC 2230
  • Statistics: QMB X100 or STA X023 or STA X122

*Accounting majors must earn a C not C- in ACG 2021  and ACG 2071 .

University Admissions

Admission to the University is based on the University’s Undergraduate Admission Requirements that may be found by clicking on the following urls:

Graduation Requirements

Satisfactory completion of the following requirements:

  • General Education Program (36 credit hours), including State Core General Education Requirements;
  • State Computation (6 credit hours);
  • State Communication (6 credit hours, in addition to ENC 1101  and ENC 1102 );
  • Minimum of 120 unduplicated credit hours;
  • A minimum adjusted grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 on all coursework taken at USF and an overall 2.0 GPA average on all college-level coursework;
  • Major and college requirements in a chosen degree program;
  • Nine credit hours of coursework taken during the summer term(s) (if entered USF with less than 60 credit hours);
  • Registration and successful completion of at least thirty (30) of the last sixty (60) credit hours;
  • 42 credit hours of upper-level coursework;
  • Civics Literacy;
  • Foreign language admissions coursework.

State Mandated Common Course Prerequisites

Transfer credits will be accepted from accredited institutions; however, all hours earned may not be applied toward USF business degree requirements. Individual courses will be evaluated by an academic advisor and appropriately credited toward requirements in the student’s program at USF.

Florida public state or community college students enrolled in an Associate of Arts (AA) program should normally complete the general education requirements and the State Mandated Common Prerequisites at a Florida College System institution. As a rule, AA students should avoid taking any business courses at the state or community college that are listed as 3000- and 4000-level courses at USF. Normally, courses in Finance, Marketing, Management, and Accounting, as well as other Business Administration courses, taken at the lower division level that are offered as upper division courses at USF will not be accepted for upper division credit in business administration. In general, business courses taken at the lower level, at technical schools, or as part of professional or military training, are not applicable to the degree programs of the Muma College of Business. Exceptions to this policy will be made only upon proper validation of such courses. Validation consists of successfully completing specified advanced courses in the discipline.

Florida College System students pursuing an Associate of Science (AS) program in Business Administration are fully admissible to USF. Please see a business advisor to determine the articulation courses, discuss admission to the Muma College of Business and prepare a program plan for degree completion. Students transferring to the Muma College of Business with an A.S. in Business Administration may earn a major in Management only.

Florida College System students pursuing an Associate of Science (A.S.) program in any other discipline should contact the Office of Undergraduate Studies, SVC 2002, (813) 974-4051, for information regarding course transferability and degree articulation.

Completion of the following State Mandated Common Prerequisites (or equivalents) with a grade of C- or higher in each course and an overall 2.0 GPA:

  • ACG X021 or ACG X022 or (ACG X001 & ACG X011) - 3 credit hours
  • ACG X071 or ACG X301- 2-3 credit hours
  • CGS X100 or CGS X100C or CGS X570 or CGS X060 or CGS X531 or CGS X000 or ISM X000 or CGS X518 - 3-4 credit hours
  • ECO X013 - 3 credit hours
  • ECO X023 - 3 credit hours
  • STA X023 or STA X122 or QMB X100 - 3-4 credit hours
  • MAC X233 

Accounting majors must earn a C not C- in ACG 2021  and ACG 2071 .

FOR ALL MAJORS: Students are strongly encouraged to select required lower division electives that will enhance their general education coursework and that will support their intended baccalaureate degree program. Students should consult with an academic advisor in their major degree area.

Supporting Required Courses: 3 courses; 9 credit hours

The following courses are supporting courses for this major. They are required for the major, but are not counted in the total major hours but are counted toward the total program hours of 120 credit hours. The degree will not be awarded if these courses have not been taken by the end of the student’s final semester.

A minimum grade of C- in each Supporting course is required.

Required Courses: (36 credit hours)

Business Foundation Courses (required of ALL Business majors): 9 courses; 27 credit hours

A minimum grade of C- in each Foundation course with an overall 2.0 GPA is required.

Major Core Courses: 3 courses; 9 credit hours

Students must complete three (3) upper-level courses from at least one of the following Business areas: Accounting, Business Analytics and Information Systems, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Management, or Marketing.

  • Accounting Area: Nine (9) credit hours of earned ACG 3000-4999 coursework.
  • Business Analytics and Information Systems Area: Nine (9) credit hours of earned ISM 3000-4999 coursework.
  • Entrepreneurship Area: Nine (9) credit hours of earned ENT 3000-4999 coursework.
  • Finance Area: Nine (9) credit hours of earned FIN 3000-4999 coursework.
  • Management Area: Nine (9) credit hours of earned MAN 3000-4999 coursework.
  • Marketing Area: Nine (9) credit hours of earned MKT 3000-4999 coursework.

Major (Restricted) Electives: (9 credit hours)

Business or Non-Business Course Electives: 3 courses; 9 credit hours

As part of the General Business Studies major, students may choose to apply three (3) upper-level courses outside the Business area. The upper-level courses do not have to be from a specific discipline, however only two (2) of the three (3) courses may fulfill other degree requirements.

GPA Requirements

Students must earn a 2.0 GPA on all major coursework at USF and have an overall 2.0 major GPA, including any applicable transfer work. Best attempts will be used when calculating the GPA.

Grading Requirements

In computing entry grade point average, all business and economics courses taken for S or U grades will be converted to C or F, respectively.

Within the 120-credit hour program, students must complete a minimum of 12 credit hours with a grade of C- or higher for all Business and non-Business courses applied for the major core and electives. Business courses taken by General Business Studies majors on an S/U basis will not be counted toward the 120-hour graduation requirement.

D/F Policy

All students entering USF for the first time in Fall 2017 or later, who subsequently earn three (3) D and/or F grades in any or any combination of the following courses at USF will be required to change their major to a major more appropriate to their goals and academic performance and to a major not conferred by the Muma College of Business. The courses are: ACG 2021 , ACG 2071 , CGS 2100 , ECO 2013 , ECO 2023 , MAC 2233  (or equivalent), and QMB 2100  (or equivalent).

Residency Requirements

Major residency: Of the total nine (9) credit hours of major Business coursework, six (6) must be taken in residency at USF. Of the total nine (9) credit hours of elective coursework, six (6) must be taken in residency at USF.

College residency: Muma College of Business residency requirements for graduation exceed the minimum requirements established for USF. Students are required to complete satisfactorily at USF a minimum of 50 percent (30-33 credit hours depending on major) of required Business courses, including 12-18 credit hours in the major field. Normally, independent study and independent research courses do not fulfill this requirement.

Research Opportunities

Undergraduate students in any degree program are able to participate in undergraduate research. Several options exist to show mentored undergraduate research activity on a student’s official transcript. Those who wish to enroll in an undergraduate research course should consult with their academic advisor to understand how the credit will apply towards the degree requirements. If no credit is needed, students may be eligible to enroll in the 0-credit IDS 4914 course. This course will not impact degree credits or GPA but will show on an official transcript and document the experience. The Office of Undergraduate Research is able to assist with further inquiries.

Advising Information

Tampa Campus Location:  BSN 2102
(813) 974-4290 or schedule an advising appointment online at https://www.usf.edu/business/undergraduate/advising/appointments.aspx

Office Hours:
Monday - Thursday 8:00am - 6:00pm
Friday 8:00am - 4:00pm (Friday is reserved for walk-in’s only)
Please refer to website for most current office hours and advising availability information: https://www.usf.edu/business/undergraduate/advising/

For questions email bsnadvising@usf.edu
Be sure to include your name, U#, and contact information with your question.

St Petersburg Campus Location:  DAV 134
Mon-Thu: 8:00a.m. – 6:00p.m.
Fri: 8:00a.m. – 5:00p.m.
(727) 873-4511 usfsp-advising@usf.edu
Website:  https://www.usfsp.edu/academic-advising/

Sarasota Manatee Campus Location:  SMC C107
(941) 359-4330 sar-advising@usf.edu

Monday - Thursday: 8:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Website:  www.usfsm.edu/academics/academic-resources/academic-advising/

4 Year Plan of Study - General Business Studies B.S.


Potential Entry Level Job Titles:

  • Human Resources Generalist
  • Operations Manager
  • Human Resources Manager

Potential Entry Level Salary Range:

  • $53,000 - $70,000

Year 1

Semester 1 (Fall)

Total Credit Hours: 15 

Semester 2 (Spring)

Total Credit Hours: 15

Semester 3 (Summer)

Please consider pursing High Impact Practice opportunities this semester such as Education Abroad, Internship Opportunities, Community Engagement, or Research Opportunities.

Questions about opportunities? Schedule an appointment with your academic advisor.

Year 2

Semester 4 (Fall)

Total Credit Hours: 15

Semester 5 (Spring)

Total Credit Hours: 15

Semester 6 (Summer)

Total Credit Hours: 6

Year 3

Semester 7 (Fall)

Total Credit Hours: 15

Semester 8 (Spring)

Total Credit Hours: 12

Semester 9 (Summer)

Total Credit Hours: 3

Year 4

Semester 10 (Fall)

Total Credit Hours: 12

Semester 11 (Spring)

Total Credit Hours: 12

2 Year Plan of Study - General Business Studies B.S.


Year 1

Semester 1 (Fall)

Total Credit Hours: 15

Semester 2 (Spring)

Total Credit Hours: 12

Semester 3 (Summer)

Total Credit Hours: 6

Year 2

Semester 4 (Fall)

  • ✳️ Major Core Area Credit(s): 3
  • ✳️ Major Core Area Credit(s): 3
  • ✳️ Non Business Major Upper Level Elective Credit(s): 3
  • ✳️ Non Business Major Upper Level Elective Credit(s): 3
  • Contemporary International Topics Credit(s): 3
  • Apply for Graduation 

Total Credit Hours: 15

Semester 5 (Spring)

Total Credit Hours: 12