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2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog

Chemistry Minor

The Chemistry minor provides a broad and general exposure to the traditional areas of the chemical sciences.  This minor is a natural companion to careers in biology, physics, geology, environmental science, genetics, science education, etc.  A science minor is an excellent credential in the eyes of future employers and enhances opportunities for students interested in medical, allied health or other professional schools.

Total Minor Credit Hours: 27

GPA requirement

A 2.0 GPA is required for the minor.

Grading Requirement

A grade of C- (1.67) or better is required for each course in the Chemistry minor. Courses in the Chemistry minor must be taken with letter grade (A, B, C, D, F, I) except those courses which are graded S/U only. A maximum of 3 credits of S/U coursework may be counted toward the minor.
NOTE: Some USF courses have higher grade criteria to meet prerequisite knowledge necessary for progression into higher level courses.

Other Requirements

Chemistry, Biomedical Sciences, Interdisciplinary Natural Sciences, Medical Technology majors and environmental Chemistry majors are not eligible for the minor in Chemistry. 

Students must complete a minimum of 6 credits and two courses exclusive to the minor that will not count toward the student’s major or other minors.  These credits/courses must be completed at USF and must be upper level courses.

Advising Information - College of Arts and Sciences

Undergraduate Advising Information

The College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) Advising Team provides students with support to create timely graduation plans that will integrate both their academic and professional goals.  Each of our undergraduate programs has dedicated professional advisors with specialized knowledge and understanding of the major requirements, course offerings, undergraduate research, and career opportunities in their field.  Additionally, we have dedicated pre-health and prelaw advisors to help students prepare for admission to professional graduate programs.


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