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    Jun 23, 2021  
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Statistics, B.A.

(CIP = 27.0501) (STC)

Statistics is a science of information gathering, data analysis, and decision making. It is a discipline that blends the applied with the theoretical and our courses reflect this mix. These courses provide an excellent preparation for careers in industrial statistics, actuarial science, biostatistics, and statistical research.

State Mandated Common Course Prerequisites

Students wishing to transfer to USF should complete an A.A. degree at a Florida College System institution. Some courses required for the major may also meet General Education requirements thereby transferring maximum hours to the university.

If a student wishes to transfer without an A.A. degree and has fewer than 60 semester hours of acceptable credit, the student must meet the university’s entering freshman requirements including ACT or SAT test scores, GPA, and course requirements.

Transfer students are also required to comply with the immunization, foreign language, and continuous enrollment policies of the university.

Students should complete the following prerequisite courses at the lower level prior to entering the university. If these courses are not taken at a Florida College System institution, they must be completed before the degree is granted.

Unless stated otherwise, a grade of C is the minimum acceptable grade in prerequisite courses.

  • COP XXXX* - 3 credit hours
  • MAC X311 Calculus I - 4 credit hours
  • MAC X312 Calculus II Calculus with Analytic Geometry II - 4 credit hours
  • MAC X313 - 4 credit hours
  • (BSC XXXX and BSC XXXXL)** or (CHM XXXX and CHM XXXXL)** or (PHY XXXX and PHY XXXXL)** or (GLY XXXX and GLY XXXXL)** - 4-8 credit hours
  • STA 2XXX - 3 credit hours

*A Scientific Programming Course designed for Computer Science majors.

**Two laboratory based Science courses designed for Science majors.

NOTE that all universities require a ‘C’ grade or better for admission.

Total Major Hours: 46

Major Core (31 Credit Hours)

Students must complete the following four courses plus completion of one of the four lab-based Science courses (19 credit hours):

Lab-based Science Courses

Plus completion of one of the four lab-based Science courses below:


Concentration Electives (15 Credit Hours)

Students must complete five courses from the following list of electives (Minimum 15 credit hours).

One or two courses from another department which are of high statistical content may be taken as electives, with the prior approval of the Chair of the department.

STA 4930  Selected Topics in Statistics may be taken as electives, with the prior approval of the Chair of the department.

Grading Requirement

In general, grades of C- or better are required for courses in the mathematics major and minor and in the statistics major. However, C- is not an acceptable grade for any course that is being used as a prerequisite for a follow-on course. For these courses a grade of C (2.00 grade points) or better is required. Students whose prerequisites are more than three years old will be expected to take a placement test prior to taking a follow-on course.

Research Opportunities

All undergraduate students in any degree program can participate in undergraduate research. There are a number of options to receive academic credit for a mentored research experience and to have the experience show on the official transcript. Students who wish to enroll in an undergraduate research course should consult with their academic advisor to understand how the credit will apply towards the degree requirements. If no credit is needed, students may be eligible to enroll in the 0-credit IDS 2912 , IDS 4914  or IDS 4910  courses. These courses will not impact degree credits or GPA but will show on an official transcript and document the experience. The Office of Undergraduate Research will assist students in understanding the various course options.

Advising Information

Please make sure to visit the following website for additional information and all your advising needs.

Statistics Faculty

Chairperson: L. Skrzypek; Distinguished University Professor: C.P. Tsokos; Professors: G. Ladde, K.M. Ramachandran; Assistant Professors: L. Lu, D. Shen. 

Plan of Study

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