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2019-2020 Graduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Nursing Science, Ph.D.

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Degree Information

Priority Admission Application Deadlines: http://www.grad.usf.edu/majors

Minimum Total Hours: 87 post-bachelors, 57 post-master’s, 45 post clinical doctorate (DNP)
Level: Doctoral
CIP Code: 51. 3808
Dept Code: NUR
Major/College Codes: NUS NR
Approved: 2003

Contact Information

College: Nursing

Contact Information: http://www.grad.usf.edu/majors

The Ph.D. prepares scholars to

  • Conduct original research that informs practice and health policy;
  • Apply professional and research ethics and judgment in the conduct of research;
  • Disseminate research findings to lay and professional audiences and identify implications for policy, nursing practice and the profession;
  • Use innovative approaches to advance nursing science;
  • Enact the evolving roles and responsibilities of a nurse scientist;
  • Contribute to team science and interdisciplinary collaborations;
  • Provide leadership to community, professional, and scientific organizations; and
  • Contribute to a global, inter-professional or interdisciplinary community of scholars.

Admission Information

Must meet University Admission and English Proficiency requirements, as well as requirements for admission to the major, listed below.

  • B.S. in Nursing from a regionally accredited program (for post-baccalaureate program)*
  • M.S. in Nursing from a regionally accredited program (for post-masters program)*
  • Clinical doctorate from a regionally accredited program (for post-clinical doctorate program)*
  • Clear potential for research contributions
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Demonstrated commitment to doctoral study and scholarly productivity
  • Evidence of potential for leadership in nursing profession
  • GRE
  • Licensure as a registered nurse if performing clinical work (Current unencumbered license as a registered nurse in the United States upon matriculation. A current licence as a registered nurse in the state of Florida before the first clinical course.)
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Written Statement of professional goals
  • Prerequisite NGR 7848  or equivalent prior to full-time enrollment
  • Applicants to the Ph.D. program are required to complete both a NursingCAS appliation and a USF Graduate Studies Application.

*Applicants with degrees in other fields may also be considered


Curriculum Requirements

There are three points of entry to the Ph.D. in Nursing Science: post-bachelor’s (B.S-Ph.D); post master’s (M.S.-Ph.D.), and Clinical Doctorate (DNP-Ph.D.)  

For students entering with a baccalaureate degreee, the majority of work can be completed in four to five years by full-time students. For students entering with a master’s degree, the majority of work can be completed in three to four years by full-time students. Students entering with a clinical doctoral degree can complete the majority of work in two to three years by full-time students. Specific requirements are determined on an individual basis by the student’s supervisory committee.  NOTE:  Students are to meet with curriculum advisor for individual program planning.

Total Minimum Program Hours:    

87 credit hours (post- baccalaureate)

57 credit hours (post master’s)

45 credit hours (post clinical doctorate)

Core – 33 hours
Content area and additional coursework – 30 hours*
Advanced Directed Research – 3 hours **
Cognate – 9 hours **
Dissertion – 12 hours

*Post- bachelor’s requirement only
** Post- bachelor’s  and post-master’s requirement only


Core Requirements (33 credit hours)

Content Area and Additional Coursework (30 credit hours) *(Post-Bachelor’s only)

For students entering with a baccalaureate degree, a minimum of 30 hours of graduate coursework is required in addition to the core Ph.D. requirements. The additional coursework must be a 6000 or 7000 level course and approved by the student’s supervising committee. These 30 hours should provide students with the foundational knowledge to conduct their proposed research. 

Advanced Directed Research (3 Credit Hours Minimum) **(Post-Bachelor’s and Post-Master’s only)

Specialized individual participation in research activity, including but not limited to pilot studies and other investigative activities.

Cognate (9 Credit Hours)**(Post-Bachelor’s and Post-Master’s Only)

Students select a cognate area to further support the student’s area of expertise in nursing and the research problem that will be addressed by the dissertation research. Examples of appropriate areas of study for the cognate might be organizational administration, health policy, physiology, cognitive psychology, organizational psychology, gerontology, epidemiology, biostatistics, informatics, , entrepreneurship, applied anthropology, or educational measurement.

Qualifying Examinations

The qualifying examination is to be completed as soon as the majority of core and minor coursework is completed The purpose of the qualifying examination is to assess the student’s level of scholarship and research skills and to determine if the student possesses the critical and analytical skills necessary to undertake the dissertation research. The qualifying examination consists of a written exam covering core and specialty content.

Dissertation (12 Credit Hours)

Students must complete and successfully defend a dissertation.

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