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2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog

Exploratory Curriculum: Math and Technology Pathway

Exploratory Curriculum

Total Degree Hours: 36
Plans of Study

The Exploratory Curriculum (ECM) allows USF students to register for up to 36 credit hours before they must officially declare a major. During this time, they will focus on satisfying the State and USF General Education requirements, which are needed for any major at USF. These courses are a great way to learn about career fields and academic disciplines that students may not be familiar with yet.

The cornerstone of the Exploratory Curriculum (ECM) is the customized student success course entitled U-Decide, a first-year experience course with a significant major/career exploration component (offered as IDS 2378 - Critical Thinking: Foundations of Interdisciplinary Knowledge and Inquiry ). The goal of the course and the Exploratory Curriculum experience is to equip students with the ability to make decisions regarding their future. The economic and career landscape is always changing, and this new generation of students needs to be able to adapt at a much higher rate than previous generations.

Disclaimer: The Exploratory program is not a major from which you can graduate. During the program, a student will focus on satisfying the Enhanced General Education (Gen Ed.) requirements, which are needed for any major at USF. These courses are a great way to learn about career fields and academic disciplines that you may not be familiar with yet while staying on path for a timely graduation.

State Mandated Common Course Prerequisites - Exploratory Curriculum

Following Florida BOG Regulation 8.010, state mandated common course prerequisites are lower-division courses that are required for progression into the upper division of a particular baccalaureate degree program.

Transfer students should complete the State Mandated Common Course Prerequisites at the lower level prior to entering the university. If these courses are not taken at a Florida College System institution, they must be completed before the degree is granted. Successful completion of the common prerequisites alone does not guarantee a student admission into the degree program.

The following is language approved by those colleges with BAS degree programs: Admission to Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.S.) degree programs usually requires an Associate in Science (A.S.) or Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree in a related area. If a student has earned an Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree, or an A.S. degree, an A.A.S. degree, or its equivalent in an unrelated area, the student may be admitted on a case-by-case basis with approval of the appropriate academic administrator. Some majors may have licensure or other types of requirements prior to admittance. Due to the variance in specialized B.A.S. degree programs and concentrations, students are strongly encouraged to consult with an academic advisor at the B.A.S degree-granting institution.

Unless stated otherwise, a grade of C- is the minimum acceptable grade in prerequisite courses. 

There are no specified common prerequisites for this major.

Admission Information - Exploratory Curriculum

To be admitted to the Exploratory Curriculum (ECM), a student should be at or below 36 college credits at the time of orientation. If a student is in AP, IB, Dual Enrollment, AICE or any other college credit accruing program in high school, please reach out to the Exploratory advisor for further options. You can reach the ECM advisor at ECMadvise@usf.edu.

Exploratory Curriculum Required Course : (3 credit hours)

The only program requirement for the Exploratory Curriculum (ECM) is the registration and completion of the mandatory U-Decide course during a student’s first Fall or Spring semester (offered as IDS 2378 - Critical Thinking: Foundations of Interdisciplinary Knowledge and Inquiry ). This course is not offered during any Summer semesters.

Math and Technology Pathway: 12 courses; 34 credit hours

This Pathway is designed for students who are interested in exploring the different mathematics and technology majors at USF. For students who know they want to work with technology but are not sure if that means app development, business intelligence, cybersecurity, website design, or search engine optimization, this track provides the foundation. A student in the EMG Pathway can complete the typical math and science requirements for our mathematics and technology degrees while deciding what area really peaks their interest.

Students from this Pathway often go into the following majors:

Applied Mathematics Medical Technology Astronomy Minor
Criminology with Cybercrime Concentration Mathematics: Computational and Applied with Data Analytics and Business Intelligence Concentration  Geographic Information Systems and Technology Minor
Health Sciences with Health Information Technology Concentration Physics Intelligence Studies Minor
Information Sciences Statistics Cyber Security Certificate
Information Assurance and Cybersecurity Management  Aerospace Studies Minor Cryptography Certificate

Additional Information - Exploratory Curriculum

Accreditation Information

The University of South Florida (USF) is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools’ Commission on Colleges. 

Research Opportunities - Exploratory Curriculum

Undergraduate students in any degree program are able to participate in undergraduate research. Several options exist to show mentored undergraduate research activity on a student’s official transcript. Those who wish to enroll in an undergraduate research course should consult with their academic advisor to understand how the credit will apply towards the degree requirements. If no credit is needed, students may be eligible to enroll in the 0-credit IDS 4914 - Advanced Undergraduate Research Experience  course. This course will not impact degree credits or GPA but will show on an official transcript and document the experience. The Office of High Impact Practices and Undergraduate Research (HIPUR) is able to assist with further inquiries.

Advising Information - Exploratory Curriculum

Contact Shane Combs at 813-974-2645 or ECMadvise@usf.edu.
Exploratory Pathways website: http://usf.edu/ECM

Plan of Study - Exploratory Curriculum: Math and Technology Pathway