Jul 23, 2024  
2024-2025 Graduate Catalog 
2024-2025 Graduate Catalog

Liberal Arts, M.A.

College of Arts and Sciences  
Humanities and Cultural Studies
School of Interdisciplinary Global Studies 


  • Africana Studies
  • American Studies
  • Film Studies
  • Florida Studies
  • Humanities

Also offered as a Bachelor’s/Master’s Pathway


The Master of Arts offers students an opportunity to study from an interdisciplinary perspective the ideas and works that have shaped world culture. FIve program concentrations are available: Africana Studies, American Studies, Film Studies, Florida Studies, Humanities.

Admission Information

Must meet University Admission and English Proficiency requirements as well as requirements for admission to the major, listed below.

  • GRE Recommended.
  • Writing Sample
  • Personal Statement
  • Letters of Recommendation are recommended
  • Students must select a concentration at the time of application

Curriculum Requirements

Total Minimum Hours- 33

  • Core requirements – 6 Credit hours
  • Concentration – 9 Credit hours
  • Electives – 12 Credit hours
  • Thesis / Non-Thesis Project – 6 hours

Core Requirements (6 Credit Hours)

Concentration Requirements

Students select from the following concentrations:

Africana Studies Concentration (9 Credit Hours)

American Studies Concentration (9 Credit Hours)

Film Studies Concentration (9 Credit Hours)*

*Students entering the MA program from the USF BA in Humanities, Film Studies Concentration, who have already taken these courses at the undergraduate level may have these requirements waived and will instead complete graduate electives in place of HUM 6586 , HUM 6583 , and HUM 6584 .

Florida Studies Concentration

Students choose nine credit hours from the following list of courses:

Humanities Concentration (9 Credit Hours)

Electives (12 Credit Hours)

Students complete 12 credit hours of electives selected from a menu of courses approved by the Program Director.

Thesis/Non-Thesis (6 Credit Hours Minimum)

Students choose a thesis or non-thesis option.


A minimum of six (6) credit hours is required.


Additional six (6) hours of graduate coursework at the 6000-level, selected in consultation with the Graduate Director.

Comprehensive Exam

For students in the thesis option, successful submission and defense of the thesis proposal or final thesis serves in lieu of the Comprehensive Exam. For students in the non-thesis option, successful submission and defense of a capstone project proposal serves in lieu of the Comprehensive Exam.

Bachelor’s/Master’s Pathway

Also available as a Bachelor’s/Master’s Pathway